Corrosive Service Valves

Conval Quebec strives to provide innovative and competitively priced solutions from premium manufacturers for a wide variety of industries including but not limited to; power, oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, food and beverage. To learn more about corrosive service valves available at Conval Quebec, view the information below, with the option to download further product information.

Flowserve (Durco)

Durco is recognized as an innovative flow-control brand whose portfolio of valve products are all designed to handle the most demanding applications, including providing maximum corrosion resistance while eliminating product contamination at a fair cost.


Fujikin’s advanced fluid and gas automatic control equipment, specialized gas control units, ceramic valves, ultra-high precision needle valves, as well as ultra-high purity valves and fittings are suitable for use in a wide range of materials equipment and processes.

Flowserve (Atomac)

Flowserve Atomac’s product line of Teflon lined ball valves and check valves. The PFA, ceramic linings and sight glass valves are engineered to provide bubble-tight shutoff, low maintenance, no-leak stem seals and the safety assurance of a blowout-proof stem assembly.

ITT (Cam-Line)

Cam-Line’s corrosion handling expertise provided the impetus for the design of products like the Cam-Line® Ball Valve. For ultimate exterior corrosion protection in aggressive chemical environments, these ball valves can be externally coated with PVDF.


Located in Farmingdale, New Jersey, Ernst Flow Industries serves clients globally offering high-quality liquid level gauges, flow indicator valves, sight windows, sight glass and gauge glass, pressure gauges, boiler gaskets and other industrial plant equipment.


Check-All® has grown from, one valve to many series of valves, with multiple uses, and multiple material. A wide range of spring settings is available for all valves, and Fluoropolymer (FEP) encapsulated springs are available for special corrosion applications.

ITT (Dia-Flo)

Dia-Flo diaphragm valves are engineered for tough applications. These diaphragm valves are utilized to handle media which is corrosive, erosive, or contains solids which tend to clog other types of valves.

ITT (Cam-Tite)

Cam-Tite ball valves are engineered to provide the best performance for demanding hazardous and corrosive applications. Cam-Tite ball valves feature a unique, non-spherical ball with a bevel at the lip of the port.

Chemline Plastics

Founded in 1968, Chemline Plastics is a pioneer in their market, and have maintained their leadership position. Chemline Plastics started by offering plastic valves as a long term cost effective corrosion resistant alternative to metal.


Strahman has two Tank Bottom Disc Valve styles available, and as an option, the body seat can be dismountable. This is an attractive option when the process is corrosive during the reaction.


Over 50 years ago, Red Valve developed the Tideflex® duckbill check valve. It was specifically designed to eliminate operation and maintenance problems associated with flapgate valves – including corrosion.

ITT (Fabri)

Mines and mineral processing plants around the world are using ITT’s process-proven Fabri® abrasion – resistant knife gate and slurry valves, to handle critical and corrosive chemical applications.


LESER is the supplier of safety valves covering all applications and regulations. Type 441 of the product group High Performance is the standard safety valve for the chemical industry. LESER’s product group ‘Critical Service’ is designed for highly corrosive media such as chlorine.


PBM valves for the Chemical Industry are designed, manufactured, and tested to provide safe, reliable, and durable solutions to a wide range of applications, from “clean” to “heavy process”. For heavy chemical applications, PBM offers a wide range of products.

Red Valve

Red Valve products are ideally suited for today’s chemical industry, and these products are found in many areas of chemical production and transportation industries. Red Valve supplies a complete range of products for the chemical industry.