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Conval Quebec strives to provide innovative and competitively priced solutions from premium manufacturers for a wide variety of industries including but not limited to; power, oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, food and beverage. To learn more about ball valves available at Conval Quebec, view the information below, with the option to download further product information.

Flowserve (Worcester)

Worcester combines the simplicity of ball valves with the revolutionary characterized seat concept. This combination offers state of the art modulating control valves that are specifically designed for today’s automated production needs.

Apollo Valves

Whether you need a ball valve for natural gas or a chemical application, or a tough industrial process flow, Apollo has a ball valve to fit your purpose. Available in all sizes, connections and shapes, Apollo has the option you need most.


Flow+ has successfully built a reputation for manufacturing ball valves that are industry-leading when it comes to both design and quality. All Flow+ ball valves are extensively tested to ensure complete conformance to your applicable standards

Chemline Plastics

Chemline ball valves come in a wide selection of body materials, end connections and actuation options.Full port Metering and Proportional valves offer linear flow control Cavity, and the Free model is designed for handling solids.


Fujikin ceramic ball valves offer significant advantages over standard material ball valves. Fujkin valves are manufactured using solid 99.5% high-purity alumina ceramic guaranteeing a valve that is superior in all respects.

ITT (Cam-Line)

The Cam-Line ball valve combines the sealing technology of the Cam-Tite ball valve with a trunnion mounting. The result is tight shut off, reliable stem seal performance, and a dramatic torque reduction in a plastic lined quarter-turn valve.

ITT (Cam-Tite)

Cam-Tite ball valves are engineered to provide the best performance for demanding hazardous and corrosive applications. Cam-Tite ball valves feature a unique, non-spherical ball with a bevel at the lip of the port.


PBM, Inc. manufactures ball valves and specialty valves for both sanitary and industrial applications. PBM combines specific application requirements with creative engineering and quality manufacturing practices.


As the industry’s leader of ball valves, Sharpe provides products that are engineered and manufactured to outperform its competing brands. Best part of Sharpe ball valves, they cost a fraction of name brand manufacturers products.


Steriflow is one of only a few sanitary ball valve manufacturers in the world to manufacture (and stock) thru-bore sanitary valves in a variety of sizes and end connections, with ASME BPE, DIN and ISO tubing sizes.

Flowserve (Atomac)

Flowserve’s Atomac was founded in 1964. Atomac ball valves are engineered to provide bubble-tight shutoff, low maintenance, no-leak stem seals and the safety assurance of a blowout-proof stem assembly.

AT-Controls (Triac)

Known for their superior service in automated ball valves and day-to-day automation and controls, A-T Controls specializing in offering solutions to unique and difficult applications.


Strahman has designed a unique high performance ball valve that has a trunnion-mounted design to handle high pressures. The bottom entry design option allows very quick and easy exchange of the valve, without removing the actuation.