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Needle & Instrument Valves

Conval Quebec strives to provide innovative and competitively priced solutions from premium manufacturers for a wide variety of industries including but not limited to; power, oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, food and beverage. To learn more about needle and instrument valves available at Conval Quebec, view the information below, with the option to download further product information.


The Ashcroft® 7001L and 7004L steel needle valve is an economical, adjustable throttling device for any severe gauge application. It provides the most practical means for varying the orifice to determine the exact orifice for any specific service condition.

Chemline Plastics

Chemline N series needle valves are designed for fine throttling of corrosive and ultrapure fluids at low flow rates. Because the seal material is PTFE, these valves are suitable for aggressive chemicals where similar valves with elastomer seals will not stand up.

Oliver Valve

For over 35 years, Oliver Valves needle and instrument valves have been used all over the world in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries, and have built a long-standing reputation for their durability, safety, and true reliability under high pressure.

Hex Valve

Hex Valves product line has expanded to cover almost every primary and secondary valve application for a variety of automated process industries. Products include small 1/4″ needle valves and patented stabilized instrument platforms for the Natural Gas Industry.


TASCO Valves Unlimited manufactures specialty bronze valves that have a very high efficiency, as well as low maintenance and operating costs. Both the “500 Brinell” and “The TASCO Flocontrol Valve” have proven their value since 1950.


Ernst Flow Industries EFI 1900 needle valve is constructed with either carbon steel, or 316 stainless steel. The EFI 1900 needle valve comes in various sizes which include 1/4”, 3/8”, ½”, ¾” or 1” NPT, and the 3/4″ and 1″ sizes both have tee handles.